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The 2018 APL Problem Solving Contest

One good reason for entering the 2018 APL Problem Solving Contest is the $6,500 in prizes that are on offer. But more importantly, APL is a programming language which can change the way you think about problems.

As a student, you will learn to use analytical software packages with built-in methods for solving many problems encountered in research and business. In the real world, data sets are often of poor quality or have irregular structures. You may not yet know enough about the data to know what kind of standard analysis to subject it to. Or – if you are lucky – you may be inventing a completely new kind of analysis, going where nobody has gone before. If you need to do something different or new, APL will be worth knowing.

APL is a dynamic array-oriented language, which means that the type and shape of your data drives the execution of APL expressions, without your having to be explicit about data types or write loops. APL will allow you to apply your problem-solving skills directly to your data to explore essential characteristics of data sets of any type and structure, and interactively mine the universe of algorithms for solutions to a wide variety of problems.

Even if APL is not available to you when solving tasks in the future, the techniques learned while studying APL will allow you to think about data and problem-solving in a new way. We wish you good luck and hope that you enjoy learning APL and solving the problems!

The 2018 Dyalog APL Problem Solving Competition is now closed

Open to problem solvers across the world

Discover the world of APL in the APL Problem Solving Competition and compete for $6,500 in prizes and an invitation to the annual Dyalog user meeting in Northern Ireland, UK, from 28 October – 1 November, 2018.

!The competition is open to students and non-students alike. However, only students are eligible to win the cash prizes. Professionals can win a package covering the registration fee and cost of accommodation for the 2018 Dyalog user meeting in Northern Ireland, UK.

Five steps to become a winner

1 Register (students and non-students are welcome to join)
2 Discover and explore APL
3 Use a single line of APL to solve 10 brain teasing problems
4 Explore APL's diverse applications by using APL to solve some more complex problems
5 Get feedback for your results and see if you are one of the lucky winners!

Compete for $6,500 in prizes!