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Discover APL

Getting started with any new programming language can seem like a daunting task, and at Dyalog we've done what we can to try to make this process easier for you. The following resources are aimed at APL novices (none of them require you to have Dyalog APL installed):

  • The book Mastering Dyalog APL by Bernard Legrand is a complete guide to the use of Dyalog APL, beginning with a thorough introduction to the APL programming language and progressing to worked examples.
  • The on-line tool TryAPL offers an environment in which to practise simple APL expressions. It includes a tutorial mode (under the Learn tab) in which some specific scenarios are explored.
  • The Dyalog APL Tutor is an on-line system that takes a complete APL novice through the terminology, conventions and functionality of Dyalog APL.
  • The APL Orchard is a StackExchange repository of text-based lessons.

In addition, a complete documentation set is available to download.

Further resources are available at Dyalog's website, Of particular interest might be:

All of these resources are completely free of charge (Mastering Dyalog APL can also be purchased from Amazon).

Installing Dyalog APL

Dyalog provides an educational licence, free of charge, to all those in full time education. Each educational licence holder is required to sign an agreement in which they guarantee that:

  • The software will not be copied
  • The software will not be handed over to anyone else
  • The software will not be used for commercial purposes

See the full licence terms and conditions here. Apply for an educational licence here.