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2017 Winners

1st place

Kostas Blekos

Kostas studies physics at the University of Patras. For him, the most exciting part of APL is its terseness.

He says, "the degree of compactification of programming expressions is mind boggling. This, along with the great selection of primitives, brings my programming experience much closer to pure mathematical thinking."

2nd place

Douglas Patz

Douglas is going into the 7th grade and is the youngest winner of 2017. He had this to say about why he enjoys working with APL.

"I always found the syntax of other languages confusing. APL has a pretty easy to understand and logical syntax. It feels very mathematical, and I really enjoy math. I spent a long time working on the problems and I think it really helped me understand the APL mindset."

3rd place

Zachary Taylor

Zachary is a junior at Maryville High School in Tennessee. He said the Dyalog APL challenge was a welcome change of pace from the routine of computer science classes.

He says, "I enjoy using APL because it forces me to think using an array-oriented approach to problems," and that the competition helped him gain a better understanding of the concept of rank.

Non-student Award

Mike Powell

Mike is an experienced APL user who has continued to pursue his passion for it even in retirement. He tells us how he first got into the world of APL.

“I got my first look at APL sometime in 1973 from John Scholes. He dragged me away from some good old Fortran coding to show me something really cool. Made complete sense immediately. My thinking has been changed ever since. That first introduction was with Xerox APL on a Sigma 7 at WS Atkins in Epsom. Since then, I've used most of the APLs around - and J and K. But, I still feel most comfortable with all the funny glyphs. Forget ASCII portability; give me ⍉ and ⍋ any day.

I spent a good number of years making a living from APL, either at IP Sharp or as a consultant. More recently, I've practiced as a lawyer but, now at age 66, I'm retired. But still very much the APL enthusiast."

Phase I winners

  • Aiken Cairncross
  • Yu-Chi Chiang
  • Anthony Cipriano
  • Arna Ghosh
  • Ivan Demianchuk
  • Tripti Garg
  • Bertil Johnson
  • Mohammed Malik
  • Douglas Patz
  • Zachary Taylor

Phase II winners

  • Arna Ghosh
  • Yash Garg
  • Armando Cruz
  • Ivan Demianchuk
  • Akarsh Ramesh Khatagalli